Condensed History of The Dayton String Instrument Company

The Dayton String Instrument Company was the evolution of one man's vision.  It got its official start in 1910 with instruments, Mandolins, mostly at first, which Mr. Rauch called "The Dayton" by Chas. B. Rauch.  It later became known as The Dayton String Instrument Company (referred to as DSI from this point).  


The addresses listed for the business in historical directories, list the business as being on various loations on the same block of Apple Street in Dayton, Ohio.  Most instruments were made at 143 Apple Street in Dayton.  


Chas. B. Rauch and his businesses were not spared from the Great Dayton Flood of 1913.  The Wright Brothers shop, across the river and farther north on Hawthorne Street, shared the same fate.  People were traveling in boats just a block or two from Apple Street.


There is a gap of over 9 months in poduction, based on serial number around this time.


Chas. B. Rauch got his first patent in 1911 for a Mandolin innovation.  You can have a look at it here:  Mandolin Patent


He got his second patent in 1920 for a Banjo innovation.  You can view that patent here:  Banjo Patent


Mr. Rauch's Patent Attorney for the 1911 patent was, R.J. McCarty of Dayton, Ohio.


He seems to have done a good deal of business when research is focused on him alone.