What Is The Dayton String Instrument Company?

We are here to maintain the collection, plan the exhibits and answer all of your questions.


We have researched extensively and have an impressive amount of knowledge that has had to be dredged from the almost forgotten works of this one man, Chas. B. Rauch.


The Dayton String Instrument Company and Chas. B. Rauch producd instruments worthy of preservation.  That is why we created this museum, to examine the role of Charle B. Rauch of Dayton, Ohio and his instruments and brings together knowledge from around the world.  It should also help to dispell some myths about the company and the man, that were previously taken as fact..

Here is what Chas. B. Rauch had to say about his internal soundboards;  Click Here & Here


You can download the whole catalog from our events page.